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About MatheMagic Asia

We live in a world that is increasingly numerical, requires our brain to be smart with numbers and adept at using the basic mathematical operations. The latest trends, however, are towards a society that has short attention span, has too many distractions, over relies on tools like calculators and search engines to not use our brain even the slightest. Cheap and almost unlimited memory on our phones and computers makes redundant even the most basic information that would be a part of our long term memory. And supposedly value adding tools, like the calculator and features like auto correct on word processors, make our brain even more lethargic. Truly using and exercising our brain is now a rarity.

We have evolved as species over hundreds of millions of years to become the most advanced, most skilled, most creative being on the planet that can actually innovate to make life better. Instead of using our ability as a stepping stone to innovate further, we are content with making things easier. The very technology that our brain created, is making our own brains crippled.

We believe that the human brain is the most important organ of the body. It is the most important tool on the planet and it is our responsibility to nurture it, develop it, grow it, exploit it and not let it atrophy away. It has got more power than the most advanced computers, has got more memory than any device we can hold and has more capability than any machine or program on earth.

We at MatheMagics believe that thinking and numerical capability are the most important skills to learn in life and the best way to use and train our brain. In fact, we believe that we should first “Train our Brain” and then “Strain our Brain”. That is our goal and our responsibility.

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